Our Story

Founder Hannah with artisans from Voces Maya Cooperative.

My story has been entwined in Guatemala since birth.

Born to a Greek father and Guatemalan mother, my love for this country stems from my roots in it. Growing up in Guatemala I always saw the immense talent artisans had when it came to weaving. I also noticed the deep poverty they lived in despite having so much potential. Ultimately, the lack of education and resources among indigenous groups is the reason that they remained in the cycle of poverty.

With a passion for this culture and economic development, I began Woven Futures to connect artisans to the international market in a new innovative way. In 2017, we began with one artisans partner and have now partnered with over 100 artisans in Guatemala to create completely natural and handmade items that match the modern woman’s style.

My hope with Woven is that it will share the lively and unique culture of Guatemalan with the world while also providing a way for weavers to thrive and sustain their heritage. At Woven, the integrity of our work and trustful partnerships are our biggest values. We believe in exceptional designs that will transform lives. I’m happy that you’ve made your way here and can’t wait for you to join this journey.

-Hannah, Founder & CEO