Artisan Partners


Macarios Family

The Macarios family are a multi-generational group of twelve brothers, sisters, and parents who have been crafting handmade leather goods for over ten years in Panajachel, Guatemala. All our leather pieces are handcrafted by the Macarios family in their studio and are made individually, speaking to the quality and uniqueness of each item.


Voces Maya Cooperative

Voces Maya (Mayan Voices) is a 23 woman cooperative led by Juana (pictured here). The cooperative specializes in natural dye practices from San Juan la Laguna and back-strap loom weaving. Juana and her team of women weavers are our main partners for textiles that are used in all bags, cosmetic bags, and totes. Many of the women in Voces Maya are single mothers who depend on their work as their main source of income.


Tepez Family

Maria and her family of nine reside in Jaibalito, a small town around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Because Jaibalito is so remote, there is little opportunity for commerce in the town. When we met Maria and her family at their small local cafe they run, we began partnering with them to make Woven keychains as an additional source of income for them. As part of our artisan development program, Maria and her family are developing their skills to create other items for Woven as well, ultimately leading to greater income and sustainability.