Custom Convertible Bags

Custom Convertible Bags

from 220.00

We believe in uniqueness, that’s why we’re introducing our custom convertible bags that you can co-design with artisans.

Our convertible bag does it all: Each bag has three different styles and uses: (backpack, purse, or crossbody bag). So less, really is more.

To begin customizing your bag, add the bag to your cart and fill out the design sheet so that we can take your unique order to artisans and begin crafting the perfect bag for you. We’ll keep checking in throughout the creation process to make sure it is exactly made to your taste.

Included with each bag:

  • Convertible bag, size of your choice

  • Backpack straps (material of your choice)

  • Cross-body leather strap

  • Padded handles

  • Lined insides with pockets

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