Social Impact


Every aspect of our business focuses on sustainability and impact. From the sourcing of materials to fair-trade and working conditions - we make it a priority to keep ourselves accountable to our values and share our work transparently with you.


↠ Woven artisans are paid 100% upfront for their creations and set their own prices for their work

↠ We support non-factory working conditions and collaborate with artisans to work from home at their own pace so that they can spend time with their children and families

↠ We make it a point to work with the same artisan groups consistently so that families have reliable income

Community Development

↠ Provide skill training and development to rural artisans who lack access to these resources

↠ We collaborate with master artisans to provide workshops and training

↠ We offer microloans for artisans to purchase new materials

↠ We host financial literacy training sessions for artisans to learn money management skills