Woven's Guide to Traveling Ethically

Step 1: Pack Light!

We all know that it is easy to over-pack and accidentally bring your whole closet along for a week long trip (been there) BUT it is so much easier to pack SMART and only bring the necessities. Here at Woven, we like to pack a bamboo toothbrush, natural deodorant, and biodegradable shampoo and conditioner bars (which will last much longer than travel sized containers AND take up less space). We suggest planning out how many items you actually need and what you can mix and match! This could even leave extra room for souvenirs!!!

You can bring along Woven’s beautiful hand woven totes, clutches, or leather backpacks. We can attest to this, it’s ALL you need for a stylishly fun summer vacation!

Step 2: Try to Live Like a Local!

Instead of trying to find the nearest American food, venture out of your comfort zone! Before your trip, do some research on the best restaurants in the area, the local customs, and the less touristy spots that will be sure to give you an authentic and incredible experience! In Guatemala, one of our FAVORITE dishes is fried plantains!! YUM!

Traditional Guatemalan Breakfast: Eggs, plantains, beans, & toast!

Traditional Guatemalan Breakfast: Eggs, plantains, beans, & toast!

Step 3: Take Tours With Local Companies!

A tour of a city is a great way to understand the culture and history, and we recommend taking tours with local companies!! This way, you are giving money to that area, which in turn, is investing in their future!

Step 4: Learn Some Basic Phrases!

If you are going to a place that speaks a different language than your own, learn some of the basics! It will go a long way with the locals. Many people will appreciate that you are putting in effort to learn their language and culture! Not everyone will speak English, so it will be a great way to get by, especially learning the phrase, “Where is the bathroom?” in case of an emergency!

Step 5: Respect The Environment!

Make sure you know how to recycle and what bins to put your trash in! Sometimes, it can get confusing if their system involves different colored bins and protocols.

A HUGE tip if you are heading to the beach: Use Reef-Friendly Sunscreen!!! It is a great way to protect the our coral reefs around the world.                                                


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Now Start Exploring the World! :)

Hannah King