A Mindful & Adventurous Life

At Woven, we’re making a conscious effort to be as mindful as we can in all that we do.


For us, it starts with how we source materials for items, ensuring a natural creation process, and empowering partnerships. We’ve created items that will help you feel unique in your style and at ease with your mind. Join the movement.


With well designed & handcrafted items, less is truly more. When designing our collections we made pieces that could be transitional between all seasons so that the bag you buy doesn’t sit in your closet half the year but makes an appearance everywhere you go. We believe that if the movement of slow and mindful fashion can grow, then our print in the environment can minimize and earth can move forward as well.

Life can still be wonderfully, adventurously, and fashionably lived with a mindful taste.


A life lived full of honesty, transparency, and impact.


To help you live a well designed, lived, and traveled life. 

To help end the cycle of poverty in Latin America through sustainable economic opportunities.


A fashion industry that is accountable to people and the environment.

A thriving artisan culture that is valued and adds value to the world.