Our Story

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Woven founder Hannah King was raised in Guatemala before moving to the U.S. While interning in the highlands of Guatemala one summer during college, she visited the artisan markets and saw the potential of the textile industry in her home country. The personal dedication artisans showed to their craft inspired her to bring it back to life.

For Hannah, creating handmade goods is an intimate process. Before deciding on a piece, she thinks about how a design will be used and where it will be worn. Once she’s ready to create a design, she meets with artisans to choose the materials carefully. Completely opposed to an industrial approach, artisans spin the cotton by hand and weave each item as if it were a living being.

The heart behind Woven is to sustain the weaving heritage in Guatemala while creating items that mold to the lifestyle of modern women. Together, Woven weavers and women around the world are creating a more sustainable and honest planet for future generations.


Textiles for the Modern Home


Being travelers and artists ourselves, we have specially curated each item with the modern home in mind. Our pieces are made to tell a story in your home while speaking to design, culture, and art.

As consumers, we have the power to redefine the fashion industry and that of human rights. By supporting fair-trade, you are supporting thousands of women around the world to have the right to an equitable wage, fair working conditions, and a supportive environment.

Every artisan is paid above the living wage, is able to work from home, and also receives skill training which is provided by our local Guatemalan team. Our mission is to help develop the skills of artisans on our team so that we can continue creating the best textile pieces for your home while also empowering the women who make them.