Sustainable Designs 

Our creation process is 100% handmade and is focused on being friendly to people and the environment. Every item is handmade with you and the planet in mind.



We use plant based dyes to extract each color for our items. This process ensures that dyes will not run and that colors will sustain over time. 



We use hand spun cotton in the creation of all our items. Artisans use either white cotton that can be dyed or natural cacao color cotton for shades of browns. The spinning and use of cotton is one that has been refined and perfected by the Maya culture over the years. 



Once spun, the threads are set in boiling water with the plant of choice to produce the hues we need for your colors. Because of this unique process, no two items are alike, even if similar. The artistry in this process is very special and creates beautiful tones and shades.  



Artisans primarily use the back-strap loom to create each piece and spend a week up to several months to finish a piece. The foot-loom is also used for some items such as our beach throws. This detail oriented practice incorporates traditional Maya techniques and symbols, telling a story with each thread that is Woven. 

The continued practice of this technique works to sustain the Maya Indigenous Heritage and preserve the traditions of this culture.