Travel Tribe

We’re on a mission to connect the world and build communities that empower each other, no matter what side of the world we’re on. We believe that meaningful travel can do just that. Travel with us and find a tribe of adventurous, creative, and passionate souls. At Travel Tribe, we focus on creating meaningful, locally led, and socially conscious trips that help foster your passions while impacting others.


The Essence of Travel Tribe Trips

  • Experience the world from a local perspective

  • Thoughtfully curated trips

  • Locally led immersions

  • Group based travel or private groups

  • Supporting local economies & small businesses

  • Customize your trips


  • Mind & Body Wellness Focus

    • Spend a week immersed around Lake Atitlán

    • Daily yoga classes led by a local guru

    • Farm to table detox/wellness meals

    • Paddle boarding by the lake

  • Adventure Guatemala

    • Hike the highest volcano in Central America (Volcan Atenango) and watch the sunset & sunrise

    • Paddleboard on Lake Atitlán

    • Horseback ride through the mountains of Atitlan

    • Stay near the Lake for easy lake swims

  • Textile Workshops

    • Meet Woven’s team of master artisans

    • Experience a dye workshop (learn about which plants create which dyes)

    • Hands-on weaving workshop (weave your own scarf/textile)

    • Weave side by side with artisans, overlooking Lake Atitlán

    • Explore different weaving techniques and see the creation of various products

    • Visit the vintage textile market to source your very own textile pieces