Globally Sourced Textile Goods


Mindful Designs

As travelers and designers ourselves, culture and connection are at the core of our being. We pour hours of detail into designing items that are functional for work, travel, and play while also creating each piece uniquely and empowering the creators behind them.

Keeping Fashion Clean

We began with the purpose of making clean and sustainable fashion, which is why we make sure that our entire supply-chain is green and puts people first. From the sourcing of cotton, to plant-based dyes, and non-factory working conditions; we ensure that every step of our process is sustainable and friendly to people and the plant.


Wholesale & Private Label


"Products I’m proud to wear."

— Katie B.

Honoring Makers


Honest & Fair Trade

Every item purchased creates sustainable jobs for women weavers in Guatemala. We pay above the living wage in Guatemala and encourage artisans to set their own prices, giving them equal respect in every partnership. In turn, these women have the ability to sustain their culture, support their families, and gain financial freedom. As part of our business model, we offer skill development courses for artisans partners to expand their craft and have a micro-loan pool for artisan to access as well.